GPS for Biking

Ten years ago the bike computer technology was in its infancy and recorded only distance, speed and time. This basic technology has quickly morphed into the GPS-equipped computer for bikes heralding an end of wheel mounted magnets and sensors. It cannot be denied that GPS has changed the face of biking for cyclists and off-road adventure riders alike. Replacement of the bulky, untidy and basic functionality, not to mention the poor battery life and expensive units of old with GPS technology now provides distance, speed, cadence, route recordings and a raft of other data at the touch of a button. Furthermore, modern units combine navigation, trail mapping and recorded ride data with heart rate monitors to add useful training tools into one fully functional bike computer and GPS unit. Bikers now interact socially and with other biking groups combining GPS and smartphone with Strava and bluetooth.

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Garmin Edge 520

Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle

Bryton Rider 530 GPS Cycling Computer

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer

Garmin Forerunner 920XT  Watch 

Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS Review
Garmin Edge 1000 Bike GPS Review
Bryton Rider 530 GPS Cycling Computer Review
Garmin Montana 600t
Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer
Garmin Forerunner 920XT Watch


Competitive riders love this Bike Computer.  It boosts Strava live segments,V02 max, & recovery and FTP testing.  It is easy to customize profiles each with separate display, alerts and preference.. Dual Satellite and excellent reception

The Garmin Edge 1000 is a large unit with a 3"", pressure based, sun readable touch screen fantastic for viewing data & routes.  One of the best things about the 1000 is the speed it can lock into satellite signals and on and off-road navigation.  This GPS unit is loaded with features. The bundle includes  heart rate monitor cadence and speed sensor.

Designed for the serious rider  who likes loads of data.  It shows 12 metrics of riding data and 5 pages.  The Bryton Rider 530 has a awe inspiring 33 hour battery life,. It is a surprisingly light 76g device considering the large 54x92x18mm size,  Reviewers love this unit it has functional push button technology at a very reasonable price

Easy to use button areodynamic design with a range of features at a good price

The Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS is a GPS cycling computer with loads of features at a small price. Awesome smartphone integration with turn-by-turn navigation give the Super GPS an unrivaled price-to-feature ratio

Favorite watch if you are into running, cycling swimming multisports..  Forerunner 920XT estimates VO2 max, recovery and predicts race times when used with heart rate.  Estimates VO2 max for cycling..Easy to wear although inferior to a handlebar mount unit for cycling only, This unit is the best around for triathlon & multisport


High Resolution 2.3 inch color. Not a touchsreen, it has 7 buttons

3"" Glove friendly touch screen. Automatically adjusts to low-light

2.6" anti-glare display in sunlilght and clear backlight for night rides.

4" sunlight readable touch screen

Large, easy to read display with backlight

1.1" high-resolution color display


2.08 ounces

4 ounces

7.6 grms

10.2 ounces

32 ounces

2.08 ounces for single watch or 2.24 for the bundle


Lithium Ion 15 hours

Lithium ion battery included 15 hours

33 hour,battery life

15 hour battery life

24 hour battery life




GLONSS and GPS receiver

High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning

Yes WAAS-enabled GPS receiver



Mount Included

Extended out-front

Extended out-front

Out in front mount


Secure 45-degree X-Lock mount


ANT + 


Yes and integrates with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems.  Displays current gear on the screen.

ANT+ connectivity for wireless uploads to the Bryton app, or automatic WLAN uploads.

Water resistant

ANT+ power meters with the bundle package

Yes connectivity to HR monitors, and other power meters,


​Heart Rate monitor, Cadence Sensor, Speed Senor, V02 Max & Recovery

​​Heart Rate monitor, Cadence Sensor, Speed Senor

Heart Rate monitor, speed, cadence sensors.

Heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor, compatibililty with the bundle package

Speed, run & stroke cadence and heart rate sensors.

Connected Features

Auto uploads, live tracking, smart notifications, send/receive, social media sharing, weather

Auto uploads, live tracking, incoming calls & texts, send/receive courses, social media sharing, weather

Training Peaks, and Fit track.  and low energy Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity .

5 megapixel, autofocus; auto geo-tagging

Bluetooth and smartphone

Incoming email, text messages, call alerts, calendar sync with  wifi  and via bluetooth to smartphone

 Live Segments

Strava live segments + 2 month free trial of Strava Premium

Garmin connect segments

Strava connection

Dual Portrait & Landscape

Strava Live Segments in conjunction with the Lezyne GPS Ally app






Cell content




The Edge 1000, displays altitude via a barometric sensor for better accuracy

Built-in compass provides heading information. Built-in barometer for training with terrain.

Cell content

Barometer, measures atmospheric pressure and balances out elevation. An accelerometer detects movement, to cancel out GPS "drift" and saves battery life.

VO2 Max estimate, race predictor and recovery advisor.


Excellent dual-satelitte GPS GLOMASS using some sensors for speed and distance may not even be necessary.  This unit does well for wilderness biking also

Fast satellite connection, icon laden home provides the look and feel of a smartphone and gives intuitive ease of use.  Loads of can do features. Turn by turn navigation uses Garmin Cycle Map software gives on & off-road navigation,  Automatically recalculates a route and pre-determined routes can be preloaded

Outstanding battery life. Large display with nicely laid out icons and self explanatory  buttons.  5 pages each can be setup with up to 12 features.  A host of features to choose from.  Nice accessories and flawless mount connection.  ANT+ and WLAN to connect wirelessly, .  Lots of features at a reasonable price

Supports BirdsEye satellite imagery, Garmin Custom Maps and photo navigation

Great feature to price ratio, Excellent battery life.  ANT+ and  Phone and Strava integration.  This unit is the perfect option for cyclists who like to have their data, but don’t wish to be overwhelmed by too much of it.

As a cyclist who also runs, the 920XT can capture all training data with the push of a button,   The 920XT is the best multisport watch available.


ANT+ can drop out occasionally.  Although promised the heart rate meter this is not always included in package

 It is relatively heavy and large device

​Tracking data is a little slow when uploading location.  No loaded maps

The navigation options on the Super GPS are limited compared to the Garmin options. Best suited to  touring cyclists.Cannot  easily create a loop.

For cycling a watch is inferior to a handlebar-mount unit. 

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What to look for in a GPS Device for Biking

The right GPS device for bikers depends on the type of biking you are passionate about.  Mountain bikers look for navigation and trail guidance. On the other hand cyclists are less concerned with navigation are more interested in bike and riding performance.  Luckily GPS devices have evolved and can offer an array of, easy to access and use, performance data along side navigation .

GPS for Performance Riders

Most popular performance biking GPS units offer heart rate, cadence and speed sensors, ANT+, power meter and live segments using Strava and providing live performance data to the rider along with analysis after the ride.   Although a smartphone can provide heart rate, cadence and speed after the ride data,  if you are looking for live tracking then a GPS unit is preferred over a smartphone.  In addition the mounting options and rugged  build of a GPS device trumps the smartphone.

GPS for Mountain Biking and Off-Roading

the best GPS device for mountain or off-road biking can predict position quickly, accurately. A GPS device with GLONASS, WAAS-enabled receiver, fast receiving and good reception, comes into its own in bad weather or in poor visibility and will help where the correct pathway is not obvious. Rugged build and water resistance is also importance as are digital compasses and detailed topographic maps. GPS devices for mountain bikers. Downloadable route data can provide riders with data on trails and critical waypoints.

GPS for distant riding and touring

Recently GPS devices for touring and long distance riding are becoming available.  Touring units have improved map coverage and rechargeable lithium batteries are popular with bike touring.   Although AA batteries can be changed on-route, lithium batteries are lighter.

GPS Mounting Options

It is easy to ignore mounting options for your GPS device but wrist worn watches are not ideal for viewing.  GPS units are generally attached to the handlebar or the stem of the bike.  The large brand names generally have the better device mounting options, Garmin being a leader in this field.