Garmin Montana 680 Review

Handheld GPS for hiking Garmin Montana 680

The Gamin Montana 680 utilizes GLONASS reception, WASS enabled receiver and hot fix satelite prediction.  This is a high-sensitivity device can locate your position very quickly and hold it even under thick bush cover or in valleys. Both the 680 and 680t have an 8 megapixel with autofocus and automatic geo-tagging for geographical identification and location coordinates. The touchscreen is sunlight readable and has dual orientation.  This is an awesome GPS device for hikers

Garmin Montana 680

Garmin Montana 680

Garmin Montana 680

Garmin Montana 680t

Garmin Montana 680t

Garmin Montana 680t

Take the Garmin Montana 680 everywhere, Mountain Terrain, Lowest Valleys, under the sea

The Garmin Montana 680 has an average sized color touchscreen measuring 10.2 cm. The screen has a dual-orientation feature, is super sensitive and can be operated while wearing gloves. This GPS device is easy to use and the navigation features are designed for use anywhere and everywhere. With a built-in digital camera, your images can be geotagged automatically. The 3-axis tilt compensated compass, as well as a barometric altimeter, come highly recommended for any terrain on land and at sea. It is the ideal companion for anyone looking to find their way and return to safety easily. The device is durable and water proof rated to IPX7

Share endlessly using the wireless feature

The handheld Garmin Montana 680 has the inbuilt wireless technology. An easy to use press send feature and your device will search for similar devices nearby, pair up and connect for information sharing. Adventurers can share routes, tracks, waypoints and geocaches easily with the press of a button.

Navigation with the Garmin Montana 680

The Garmin Montana 680 has high sensitivity WAAS enabled GPS. GPS is supported by GLONASS giving the Garmin Montana quick positioning and precise location pinpointing even under tree cover or in deep valleys and canyons. This functionality significantly improves positioning, coordinating, fixing and the ability to maintain location. The Garmin Montana 680 comes with a 1 year BirdEye Satellite Imagery as part of the initial package. After the subscribed period elapses, the plan can be renewed for a fee. Otherwise, you can opt to download BlueChart g2 or TOPO U.S 24K depending on your preference. A built-in 3-axis tilt compensated electronic compass comes with this GPS device.

The Garmin Montana 680 has a barometric altimeter pinpointing precise altitude or barometric pressure.

A Long Battery Life come with the Garmin Montana 680

Measuring 3.64*7.48*14.42 cm, the Montana 680 also offers double power in each device. The double power feature is made possible by a one-of-a-kind dual battery system. Dual power enables you to select between using the AA batteries or the lithium compact battery. Even when you run out of power, you still have the ability to carry on with your activities using the second battery.

The Garmin Montana 680 clear, spacious display

With a 10.2cm display, there is no need to stress about squinting eyes to see clearly. The Garmin Montana 680 comes with a sun-readable touchscreen. Available in LED, the touchscreen display adds vivid colour to the developed high-resolution images. The colourful, big, clear display makes the device attractive for users of all ages. The reviews indicate that users enjoy the clear and full images produced by the Montana 680 devices.

Plan your next expedition ahead of time

Using the free BaseCamp software that comes with the Montana 680 devices, it is possible to view and organise routes, waypoints, tracks and maps way ahead of time. BaseCamp works as a trip planning software with the ability to share future trips and plans with other devices. With 2D and 3D topographical mapping, it is possible to connect the Montana 680 to a computer and view all selected maps, routes and geocaches.

Don’t be bored, go Geocaching

The Geocaching GPX file feature connects to The app has a tracking manager, so there is no need for you to suffer under endless paper trails printing or manually entering coordinates. It is possible to manage tracks and waypoints using the Geocaching GPX files feature. Tracklogs can be recorded or stopped just as easily. This feature is flexible, offering each person the ability to personalise their Montana 680 handheld GPS device.

Get your hands on the Montana 680

This smart GPS unit is available for purchase online and in trusted outdoor gear shops. The actual retail price online is $549.99. However Amazon usually discounts it to $468. If you are going to purchase it, then aim for Amazon, and you will save yourself over $100 and also the shipping cost depending on where you are.


· Excellent reception even under heavy cover

· Dual orientation large display

· Dual battery enabling selection between AA or lithium compact batteries

· Compatible with several mounts

· Screen is sunlight readable. Screen can be used wearing gloves

· 3-axis tilt compensated electronic compass

· 8 MP high resolution digital camera​ with geotagging


· Bulky and large

· Pinch to zoom screen is not supported

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