Bluetooth GPS

We are in the age of smartphones, smart homes, and smart gadgets, smart everything, right? So since everything is ‘smart,’ and seemingly connected, why not use one or two devices, sync them together and use them for several tasks? I mean, it would make so much sense and reduce the number of devices an individual buys. But then again, all things considered, based on the fact that humans need to specialize in maximizing their proficiency, the same can be said for gadgets.


Still don’t get the drift? Ok, let’s simplify it further. Smartphones come with inbuilt GPS receiver. The GPS is an added feature to the AGPS capability and works through accessing any 3 of the 24 satellites orbiting around Earth. However, smartphones also function to receive and send messages and phone calls. Thus the GPS is not given top priority and usually drags. As a result, using the phone’s GPS ends up being more of a task than a cool, helpful feature. So, as a solution to this issue, the external Bluetooth GPS fits in like a glove. Built only to function as a Bluetooth GPS, these units are lightweight and pretty compact. They can be pocketed or just held in hand.

The external Bluetooth GPS unit houses a built-in rechargeable battery, a couple of LED indicators and a Bluetooth radio. There is no display.  The external Bluetooth GPS is fairly priced and retails for a maximum of $100. When purchasing it, there are other accessories including a car charger and home charger. It can last up to 10 hours while in use with the ability to go to ‘sleep’ when not actively connected to another Bluetooth device. Thereby conserving power.

The next question right about now is how to use the external Bluetooth GPS? Simple, there is no display meaning you cannot possibly see anything on it, so to use, it must be connected to a computer, smartphone or tablet. To activate it, you can go to your Android smart device and switch the GPS unit. A simple search for nearby devices and pair it up. Just like that, you have a fully functional super-powered component. The external Bluetooth GPS functions to send and receive GPS signals and your phone or tablet work to show you the transmissions on display. Teamwork made easy by smart gadgets. However, you might be disappointed to note that the external Bluetooth GPS is not exactly still readily available on the market. Why? Just like every other invention, evolution.

Presently, it is possible to obtain Bluetooth GPS in the form of an application (App). The Bluetooth GPS App can be found and purchased on the Play store. Using the App, you can connect to the external Bluetooth GPS unit. The App is regularly updated, so there is no need to worry about it stopping working at some point. With each new Android version, the Bluetooth GPS App also gets updated to cater for the upgrades. The App also shares current user location, enabling the GPS system to triangulate and find exact coordinates between 2 points. On Play Store, the App has already been installed close to a 1, 000, 000 times. That’s how popular it is.

Bluetooth GPS

So what is Bluetooth GPS and what makes it so valuable? With Bluetooth GPS, it’s like you are using two distinctly different robust systems within each other to get the best results. Bluetooth technology facilitates gadgets to exchange data through an open wireless protocol. It works using radio waves. The closer the gadgets are to each other, the stronger their Bluetooth connection. Therefore, with a Bluetooth GPS system, geographical data can easily be transmitted to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

There is no need to worry because the union between these two technologies does not interfere with each other. All you have to do is place your devices next to each other, and you will get clear GPS signals without any problems.

According to users, the Bluetooth GPS is an ingenious invention. For Android users, it is a life saver, one that allows people to use affordable smartphones that have GPS for navigating directions. If one has the old external Bluetooth GPS, it can still be paired up with the latest software and still function as good as the expensive smartphones. Whichever generation you are from, you can always find room in the world of Bluetooth GPS. A bonus is that the external Bluetooth GPS is portable, cell phones and tablets are also mobile. There is no need to be stuck indoors. Better still, the era of penning down directions is long gone. If the smart phone’s internal GPS starts acting up, no problem, just get the external Bluetooth GPS fired up, connect and you are ready to go.

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